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Diasmoke 2.0

Diasmoke 2.0 assess the short and long term reduction of cardio-respiratory risk, correlated to the use of combustion-free products, in diabetic patients.
Cigarette smoking contributes substantially to cardiovascular diseases and respiratory complications in people with diabetes and almost doubles the risk of mortality. Despite these risks, smoking remains prevalent in individuals with diabetes. The marketing of the electronic cigarette (EC) and its worldwide spread as a competitor of existing therapies has presented new opportunities for the control and prevention of tobacco. Therefore, it is hypothesized that an integrated smoking cessation program (brief counseling + EC with nicotine) in diabetic smokers may have similar smoking cessation rates to those obtained using standard approaches. A 12-week randomized controlled clinical trial and a 24-month follow-up to monitor changes in clinical and instrumental parameters in a target population of 900 diabetic smokers (300 for each center) divided into two different smoking cessation programs: group A (new approach) short term + EC with nicotine; group B (approved standard approach) short consultancy. The main objectives are: to evaluate the effectiveness of the new smoking cessation treatment; evaluating the safety of the new treatment in diabetic smokers; assess health effects in the short and long term.