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Food Recognition Project

Food Tech allow smokers who want to quit to monitor their food intake by acquiring images of the food consumed
The purpose of this project is the study, development and evaluation of a digital system able to trace the eating habits of a subject and to understand the possible correlations with the “stop smoking” pro-cess, which he is performing.

The system, once released, will periodically acquire images of the food consumed by the subject over time, which will then be processed by food recognition algorithms capable of detecting and extracting semantic information from images containing food. In recent years, many research works have shown that computer vision techniques are a valid support in the automatic recognition of different foods and in the estimation of food quantities. The information extracted, as part of the project, will be used to deduce the user’s eating habits, the type and quantity of food consumed, the amount of time they spend eating during the day, the number and time of meals, etc.

The development of this food recognition system, based on visual recognition, therefore, will allow the identification of correlations between eating habits and smoking cessation and will allow doctors to provide analytical information on dietary habits and specific changes that can help paths exit from smoking.