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International Summer School on Project Management

International Summer School on Project Management is a training for 15 young professionals or graduates from around the world on the methods of project management to address harm reduction research
In a changing world, competitiveness can be measured on the ability to manage projects in order to achieve the expected results. All the challenges that a project manager must face to achieve the objectives are: work planning, budgeting process, deadline management, collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the staff. To meet all these needs, the CoEHAR organizes the first international summer school on the projects management applied to THR science, to train professionals on the management of research projects, with a specific focus on the concept of damage reduction of tobacco. The School provides a total of 30 hours: 20 hours of lectures with the aim of making known the phases of the life cycle of a project, the project management practices and the dynamics of the coordination of a work group; 10 hours will instead be devoted to the analysis of case studies and practical activities aimed at preparing a final presentation by the students, which will be evaluated by a commission.

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