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Smile Study

The effects of tobacco cigarettes and alternative products on dental health
Tobacco smoke is one of the most important risk factors for periodontitis as it alters the host’s responSe to plaque. Clinical studies have shown that regular smokers show a greater number of risks than non-smokers. A 3-year multi-center clinical trial is planned. The subjects who will participate in the study will be divided into three groups: 1) tobacco smokers, 2) smokers who replace tobacco with the cigarette without combustion, 3) never been smokers. The main objectives of the study are: to compa-re the short-term and long-term impact on dental health among smokers who switch to non-burning nicotine delivery systems and those that continue with cigarette smoking. Improving health and dental appearance can provide the motivation to quit smoking for those smokers who are worried about their oral health and their dental appearance (ie smile).

The analysis of the image of the supragingival tartar of the “social six” and the quantification of the health of the alveolar bones through cone-radius and image analysis represent innovative approaches for the evaluation of periodontal health and appearance.