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Veritas Cohort

Veritas Cohort observe the long-term health effects and changes that occur in vapers that have never smoked before.
Through the conduct of the “Replication studies” in the laboratories of Catania and the international partners, the CoEHAR aims to replicate and confirm the most relevant published research regarding in vitro studies on cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, genotoxicity and mutagenicity, and inflammation induced by the exposure of human cells to the aerosol of electronic cigarettes and THP aerosol, with re-spect to the effects of the smoke of traditional cigarettes, in order to give an independent validation of the results obtained by the tobacco companies about the potential health effects of human exposure to the use of electronic cigarettes and THP.

In previous studies conducted on regular vapers who never smoked in their lives, no noticeable changes in lung function, states of airway inflammation or other significant health status abnormalities were found. Unfortunately, in these studies the small size of the samples analyzed and the limited period of the survey minimize the possibility of showing significant changes with respect to the initial state of health.

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