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Watch EU

Watch-EU evaluate the consumption habits of tobacco and nicotine products in 16 European and Extra-EU countries
Tobacco smoking remains the leading preventable cause of disease and premature death in the world. Although cigarette consumption continues to dominate the tobacco market, there has been rapid diversification in recent years. Current tobacco/nicotine consumption patterns reflect this change and are the result of the disparate implementation of tobacco control policies. The growing popularity of much less harmful products and therefore their progressive replacement to conventional cigarettes can have a beneficial impact on public health.

To this end, the EU-PATH project envisages a longitudinal multi-national study conducted by means of a repeated and representative epidemiological survey of the population, lasting 5 years. The aim is to evaluate the evolving dynamics in the tobacco/nicotine consumption model among the European population, focusing both on the impact that these products have on the prevalence of smoking and on their effects on health. The proposed survey is based on the conceptual method of Host, Agent, Vector, Environment (HAVE) already validated for the evaluation of the impact of numerous interventions on tobacco control policies.