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How to Stop Smoking


Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Tobacco Dependence of the University of Catania
Contacting an anti-smoking center is one of the solutions that is most likely to give satisfactory and definitive results.
The Anti-Smoking Centers offer specific courses that adapt to the subjective needs of each individual patient.
To build a path that allows you to quit smoking, you must understand the reasons behind smoking addiction. Anti smoking consultant will be the best solution for you.

Lega Italiana Antifumo

Contact the LIAF

LIAF – the Italian Anti Smoking League – is a no-profit organization working for spreading “antismoking culture”, raising public awareness with respect to the harm caused by tobacco smoking.
Our non-profit organization aims to concretely help smokers to quit smoking, enhancing smoking cessation programs and increasing research studies conducted in this field.

Thanks to the work of a team of international researchers, LIAF has been able to achieve excellent results in the search for cures for smoking-related diseases .
Since 2010, LIAF is engaged in the study of electronic cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking. Our scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and efficiency of e-cigs as a tool to reduce or stop smoking.


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