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Our Laboratories

The CoEHAR laboratories are manifold:

  • microbiology
  • cell biology
  • molecular
  • computer science
  • law
  • economics
  • international politics and
  • statistics.

Each department involved in the CoEHAR network puts its own workshop at its disposal, involving specialized personnel and operators in the sector. Researchers work in “open search” mode, sharing data, assessments, observations and results. The exchange of knowledge takes place in two ways, the internal one between Italian researchers and the external one among all the experts in the sector in the world. All the laboratories of the academic partners are also involved in the research process.

The Consortium

CoEHAR includes the existing “Center for Tobacco prevention and treatment (CPCT)”, as well as the clinical setting of a local CRO and a selected network of cell and molecular biology as well as microbiology laboratories and will also act as a coordinating centre at a global level for scientific research, development of tech innovation, consolidation of existing research centers (particularly in LMIC), training and education, networking, and advocacy activities. 

Our International Partners

Biological Tower

The administrative offices of the Center are located on the eleventh floor of the Biological Tower, in the highest part of the Tower, surrounded by the panorama of Etna and the blue sea.

The biological tower, inaugurated in 2016 and named after Ferdinando Latteri (former Rector of the University of Catania who passed away in 2011) includes an area of 20,000 square meters divided into 11 floors which houses, in addition to MEDCLIN, the Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences (BIOMETEC).