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Apr 6, 2020

Fear, pain, anxiety and stress have unavoidably overrun our lives. The social isolation, the sudden loss of a relative or the uncertainty about the future force many Italian citizens to live in a highly destabilized psychological condition. Through a variety of means of communications, hundreds of calls for help and questions get to the Italian doctors.

LIAF Italian Anti-Smoking League, thanks to the technical support and in cooperation with Netith, leading company in the Customer Experience field, has decided to reply to these requests by activating a free number for psychological assistance available every day from 8 am to 8pm at the number 0952292444.

In such a dramatic time of emergency involving all levels of the society, Netith agreed to provide technological support ”Technology and Innovation– remarked Netith CEO, Franz Di Bella- are at the service of all users and must be a strong sign of solidarity and cooperation”.

Strengthened by decades of experience in the fight against smoking, LIAF aims to offer a precise counseling service even to problems related to the most common addictions. The state of isolation and the constant fear for the health certainly to not help those who, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, had decide to undertake a righteous path to quit smoking or drugs/alcohol abuse.

In the last couple of days, LIAF has also released two relevant initiatives: a survey useful to keep track of the changes in the lifestyle and in the habits of smokers and vapers from all over Italy and an international donation campaign with the aim to raise founds for the purchase of protective equipments needed by the hospitals that are struggeling the most.

“We need data to find the most effective answer to fight this epidemic on every possible front- added LIAF President Ezio Campagna- and in order to achieve this goal we are bringing together experts and researchers who have supported us from years”.

Link to the survey:

Link to telephone assistance: