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First International podcast by Riccardo Polosa for the Foundation for a Smoke Free World

Apr 6, 2020

Prof. Riccardo Polosa has been invited to join Global Health Perspectives with Derek Yach, a series of podcast on serious issues on public health.

The Foundation for a Smoke Free World has launched its first episode of Global Health Perspectives with Derek Yack and the first international guest was Riccardo Polosa. The series of podcast will be discussing major issues of public health, including how smoking sits at the nexus of many major health issues.

Of course, the COVID-19 epidemic will cover the episodes for the next few weeks. Prof. Polosa has joined the podcast to speak about his experience with the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy.

“We can’t talk about ground zero here in Sicily. Most of the outbreak is hitting very hard the north part of the nation. This is a very challenging time: we are confined at home and people are working from home, not just in Italy but also in other part of the World”

But being forced to stay at home has turned into an opportunity for people to rediscover the beauty of the tradition and family values. The outbreak is indeed fortifying these values.

But for smokers the situation is critical: being confined at home means getting back to the old habits, while affecting people around them:

“We are trying to maximize innovation and technology and trying to reach smokers and help them out trough helplines by making the most use of our professional skills. Most smokers will be smoke more and many people close to them will relapse. I will aspect an increase of smoking prevalence in the next few weeks”.

Listen the full interview at this link