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Bari Bari

Dear Friends, Colleagues and ESCI members, Because of pandemia, we totally changed our behaviors and learned how to interacted with each other by using technology in Scientific and personal communication. […]

Annual Cardiac Sarcoidosis Symposium

Cardiac sarcoidosis is a condition that has gained a growing interest in recent years, from a wide range of professionals including respiratory physicians, cardiologists, nurses and scientists. This symposium will […]

GFN Five 2022

To register to participate in #GFN22 please complete the form below. Registering will give you free access to the content on the conference website, the opportunity to submit your 'GFN […]

The Hall of Vape

The Hall of Vape will once again be the largest and most detailed e-cigarette trade fair of its kind in Europe. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to marvel at […]