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Monday 22 March – kick off meeting of the research project Diasmoke 2.0

On Monday 22 March from 9.30 to 17.00 CET, on the Zoom platform, the CoEHAR (Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction) will hold the kick off meeting of the international research project Diasmoke 2.0.

Diasmoke” (Assessing the impact of combustion free-nicotine delivery technologies in Diabetic Smokers) is an international randomized controlled trial designed to determine whether conventional cigarette smokers who switch to reduced-risk products have a measurable improvement in cardiovascular risk parameters, as a consequence of the lack of exposure to the toxic substances of tobacco smoke.

The event is dedicated to the official presentation of all the activities envisaged by the innovative project which aims to help diabetic smokers to quit smoking, involving many international partners. In addition to the research teams of the University of Catania, there will be delegates from: Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS in London (UK), Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (Poland), IMSP Republican Clinical Hospital in Chisinau (Moldova), Metanoic Health of London (UK), Confidosoft Ltd (UK). For the first session of the meeting, scheduled at 9.30 am, the following Institutional representatives are invited:

  • Vania Patanè – Vice Rector of the University of Catania
  • Salvatore Baglio – Rector’s Delegate for Research
  • Giovanni Li Volti – CoEHAR Director
  • Francesco Purrello – Director of the Medclin Department and President of the Italian Foundation on Diabetes & Research
  • Agostino Consoli – President of the Italian Society of Diabetology
  • Paolo Di Bartolo – President of Italian Association of Diabetologists
  • Coordinator of the work of the Kick Off: prof. Riccardo Polosa, CoEHAR Founder

Detailed program of the day


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