The summer graduation session at the University of Catania was held last week.

Among the works of the new graduates in the biotechnology degree courses are also two theses on the Replica project coordinated by prof. Massimo Caruso, co-project leader of Replica. In particular, doctor Partsinevelos holds a master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology.

“Genotoxicity induced by cigarette smoke and modified risk products (MRP) combustion-free”. 
Paper by dr. Konstantinos Partisevelos.
Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Caruso.
Co-supervisor: Dr. Alfio Distefano.
Effects of cigarette smoke on the translation of NFKB in endothelial cells from coronary arteries“.
Paper by Dr. David Maccarrone.
Supervisor: prof. Massimo Caruso.
Co-supervisor: Dr. Alfio Distefano.


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