According to Plos Biology, Prof. Polosa is the most cited scientist of Universities of Palermo, Messina and Catania
riccardo polosa plos biology

A publicly available database of 100,000 top scientists provides standardized information on citations, with high bibliometric index. According to this new release, Prof. Polosa is the most cited scientist of Universities of Palermo, Messina and Catania.

The article  “A STANDARDIZED CITATION METRICS AUTHOR DATABASE ANNOTATED FOR SCIENTIFIC FIELD”, published by the international renewed magazine Plos Biology make publicly available the impact of scientific publications of 100,000 researchers, in terms of citations, coauthorship, citations to papers in different authorship positions, and a composite indicator.

Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields: this ranking hosts 35 researchers and scientists from the University of Catania, excellences that boost science and research of the Catania University in Europe and in the world.

Prof. Riccardo Polosa, Director of the Coehar, Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction of the University of Catania, is not just the most cited scientist in Catania, but also in Palermo and Messina.

“This award is not only personal, synonymous of a career dedicated to the scientific research, but a tangible sign of a path focused on innovation and evolution that makes the harm reduction research field a strength point for our University and which fully justifies the role of the COEHAR and its researchers”, so Riccardo Polosa said .


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