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The Smile Study has officially started the operational phase

Jul 24, 2020

The Smile Study is one of the research projects of the COEHAR. It aims to compare the short and long-term impact on dental health among smokers who switch to combustion-free nicotine delivery systems and those who continue with cigarette smoking. Improving oral health and dental aesthetics can provide the motivation to quit smoking for those smokers who are concerned about their oral health and dental appearance.

On 22 July 2020, Smile Study started officially the operational phase of the projects with the training on the equipments and the visiting of first subjects enrolled.

Dr. Elbert Waller of the Inspektor Research Systems has been welcomed in Catania for the conduction of a training on the latest innovative technologies in dental diagnostic. Inspektor is an innovative company with a strong social commitment driving scientific dental research in advanced diagnostic products.

A series of training session have been conducted with the Smile Study team of the CoEHAR and with the personnel of the Italian partner the dental clinic Addendo. As a part of this first phase of the project the first participants in the Smile Study were also involved, thus also starting the actual data collection phase. 

As shown in the pictures, researchers will analyse the periodontal health and the appearance of the patients, thanks to an innovative approach. 

This is a fundamental phase of the Smile Study project for the launch of the research activities also in all the other project Centers from all over the world.