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Genesis and Ceasefire: new CoEHAR research project at AIP2022

Pasquale Caponnetto, CoEHAR member, unveiled two brand new research project during the XXX Congress of the Italian Association of Psychology, Genesis and Ceasefire. Two projects concerning mental health, smoking addiction and combustion-free products
Genesis and Ceasefire

Pasquale Caponnetto, CoEHAR member, unveiled two new research projects during the XXX Congress of the Italian Association of Psychology. The projects, Genesis and Ceasefire, deal with mental health, smoking addiction and combustion-free products.

One of the action required to eliminate an addiction is to understand the psychological mechanisms that cause the habit: smoking a cigarette, for example, triggers a series of ritual behaviors that are difficult to eradicate, especially among those who have been smoking for a long time.

The professional support of experts in smoking cessation programs is fundamental to increase the chances of success. A process extensively studied by CoEHAR of the University of Catania.

As part of the XXX Congress of the Italian Association of Psychology, which takes place in Padova from 27 to 30 September, prof. Pasquale Caponnetto, adjunct professor of clinical addiction psychology at the University of Catania and CoEHAR member, presented to the audience of Italian experts two brand new research protocols developed by the research center, the Genesis and Ceasefire studies.

Genesis offers a Health Epowerment tool for schizophrenic patients, a study population that has not been widely supported in smoking cessation protocols until now.

Ceasefire provides evidence on the use of heated tobacco products associated with psychological support as an additional tools for smoking cessation treatment.

Innovative protocols, which focus on patients’ psychological health and on environmental and behavioral mechanisms that trigger addiction, especially in sensitive populations such as schizophrenic patients. Both projects involve a combined treatment of psychological assistance and the use of combustion-free devices, such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

The congress is an occasion to increase awareness among Italian experts about new research methodologies. Aim of the presentation is to involve the professionals in the goals achieved by CoEHAR in the field of of mental health and nicotine-releasing electronic devices, that mimic the experience of cigarette smoking with a much lower risk profile than conventional smoking.

For more information, visit the Congress website

Read the Italian version of the article


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