On Tuesday, February 20th, the MAGNIFICAT Project, coordinated by CoEHAR, hosted a pivotal workshop in Warsaw, Poland, to bring together all partners involved in in-depth discussions and hands-on exercises focusing on the operational aspects crucial to the project’s success.

The MAGNIFICAT study, strongly advocated by Prof. Riccardo Polosa, aims to investigate the effects of the combined use of conventional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes on human health, quantifying this impact by collecting samples, researching and describing the core of different levels of dual use on exposure to toxic substances and harm reduction, and using specific biomarkers, clinical endpoints, and behavioral correlations

The workshop brought together esteemed representatives from ABF GmbH in Germany, CoEHAR, and ECLAT, in the headquarters of the Clinical Research Organization – ZTM Pratia.

Participants delved into the nuances of medical procedures, including the preparation of samples and the collection of exhaled breath condensate using specialized tubes filled with sorbent. These exercises are fundamental to the project’s execution, ensuring every member is adept at the processes involved.

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to revisiting the project’s primary and secondary endpoints, and addressing logistical challenges and the management of samples. This comprehensive approach underscores the project’s commitment to meticulous planning and execution.

The synergy between the partners was reinfocerd with hours of collaboration in the laboratory leading to a harmonized understanding and shared optimism about the project’s future. 

As the MAGNIFICAT Project enters its final preparatory phase, the workshops have proven to be a cornerstone of its progress. The team is now confidently poised to conduct the upcoming recruitment, scheduled in March. 

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