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Journal: Health Psychology Research



Music therapy is a discipline that makes use of music, active or passive, to produce beneficial effects on the psyche of subjects.
The field of use of music therapy has recently been broadened with the introduction of music therapy interventions to treat various problems, such as anxiety and stress, arising from pre- and post-operative psychophysical conditions.
This review aims to examine the use of music therapy and its outcomes in the context of surgery in recent years.


The main procedure was to search for studies on various scientific platforms such as PubMed, Medline, PsycINFO and CINAHL.Many studies pertaining to the topic in question were examined and from the variety of articles available, thirty-four were selected that fully reflected the focus of this review.


The use of music therapy is still little exploited in hospital conditions such as the one reported in this review, but despite its reduced use compared to other treatments, it has proved to be an effective technique for reducing anxiety and stress prior to surgery and for improving psychophysical conditions following surgery. Above all, the absence of side effects is emphasised since it is a nonpharmacological treatment.
Further research is needed for additional confirmation of the effectiveness of music therapy mainly because this method is still being explored worldwide.