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Journal: International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering (IJCTE)


This paper presents a user-biased food recognition system. The presented approach has been developed in the context of the FoodRec project, which aims to define an automatic framework for the monitoring of people’s health and habits, during their smoke quitting program. The goal of food recognition is to extract and infer semantic information from the food images to classify diverse foods present in the image. We propose a novel Deep Convolutional Neural Network able to recognize food items of specific users and monitor their habits. It consists of a food branch to learn visual representation for the input food items and a user branch to take into account the specific user’s eating habits. Furthermore, we introduce a new FoodRec-50 dataset with 2000 images and 50 food categories collected by the iOS and Android smartphone applications, taken by 164 users during their smoking cessation therapy. The information inferred from the users’ eating habits is then exploited to track and monitor the dietary habits of people involved in a smoke quitting protocol. Experimental results show that the proposed food recognition method outperforms the baseline model results on the FoodRec-50 dataset. We also performed an ablation study which demonstrated that the proposed architecture is able to tune the prediction based on the users’ eating habits.