On November 25th the COEHAR will host the first educational training of the Replica project, one of the nine research projects presented last June

From November 25th to 28th,  the COEHAR will host the international partners of the Replication Studies research project, the second of the nine projects presented last June at the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction at the University of Catania, directed by Prof. Riccardo Polosa.

On Monday 25 at 10am at the Biological Tower of the University of Catania, the Rector Prof. Francesco Priolo will welcome the delegates of the Universities of Greece, Serbia, Russia, Oman, Indonesia and the United States.

To coordinate the work of this new project involving more than 20 university researchers and 30 international experts, there will be Giovanni Li Volti, full professor of Biochemistry at the School of Medicine of the University of Catania and delegate of the Rector to biomedical sector research.

“Replication studies” (name and logo soon to be changed) will replicate 10 international scientific studies to analyze the level of toxicity of conventional cigarette smoke and compare them with those from the use of electronic cigarette and products with no combustion. For the first time, the replication will take place by studying only human cells.

Here’s the schedule of the November 25thmeeting


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