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The long-term effect of vaping: a study and a contest

THE LONG-TERM EFFECT STUDY CONTEST. Do you want to have the chance to win a weekend in Catania?Due to the international nature of the project, we are currently looking for an appealing name for the study. Everyone who is interest in being part of the project can apply and provide a name.


The CoEHAR intends to study the effects of e-cigarettes use on human health globally.

E-cigarettes are much less harmful than conventional cigarettes, but there are no reliable scientific data about the long-term effect on human health.

A preliminary study of never smoking vapers reported no changes in respiratory function or CT scans of their lungs. This study was small and needs replication in larger studies with longer follow up.

The Long Term Health Effect Study is an international 6-year observational study, involving more than 800 participants from more than twenty countries and equally divided between regular vapers and non-smokers who have never used electronic cigarettes. This study aims at evaluating the specific health indicators of the health in vapers.

To achieve this goal, COEHAR intends to:

  1. amass a large cohort of never smoking vapers to monitor their long term respiratory health effect (respiratory symptoms, pulmonary function tests and CT scans of the lungs)
  2. conduct a 6-year multinational prospective study comparing health indicators of never smoking daily vapers with those of sex age matched heathy controls
  3. monitor transition to/from any other nicotine containing products  

The study is expected to show:

  1. No long term respiratory health effects (respiratory symptoms, pulmonary function tests and early signs at CT scans of the lungs) in never smoking daily vapers
  2. Similar absence of respiratory findings in sex age matched healthy controls
  3. Minimal transition from vaping to cigarette smoking (or other NCPs)


Do you want to have the chance to win a weekend in Sicily (Catania)?

Good, to win yourself this fabulous trip you have to come up with an appealing name for our study.


  1. Explaining the nature of the project in a short but attractive way
  2. Remarking the international nature of the study
  3. Remarking the connection with electronic cigarettes
  4. Be sexy and brief


Send the email with your proposed name to:: [email protected] together with a short explanation about why you end up with that specific name.

Remember to list: Name, Surname and Email address.

The contest will close 29 November 2019 at 23.59.

The winner will be contacted by the COEHAR administration and will have the chance to spend a weekend in Catania, one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. He/she will visit the city and the COEHAR offices, to get an understanding of the work at the Center of Excellence of Harm Reduction of the University of Catania.


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