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Journal: World journal of diabetes


The purpose of this scoping review is to create a single narrative that describes the impact of smoking cessation on metabolic parameters in people with diabetes. It is generally well accepted that smoking enhances the harmful effects of elevated blood glucose levels, accelerating the vascular damage seen in patients with diabetes. Smoking cessation has clear benefits in terms of reducing cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, there is less evidence for the impact of smoking cessation on other diabetes-related complications. Studies in people with diabetes have shown improvement as well as temporary deterioration in glycemic control after ceasing smoking. Only a few studies have described the effect of quitting smoking on insulin resistance and lipid parameters, however, their results have been inconclusive. In this situation, healthcare professionals should not assume that cessation of smoking will improve metabolic parameters in patients with diabetes. It seems they should, first of all, emphasize the prevention of weight gain that may be associated with quitting smoking. The lack of data regarding the metabolic effects of smoking and smoking cessation in diabetes is very disappointing and this area needs to be addressed.

Walicka M, Russo C, Baxter M, John I, Caci G, Polosa R. Impact of stopping smoking on metabolic parameters in diabetes mellitus: A scoping review. World J Diabetes 2022; 13(6): 422-433 [PMID: 35800409 DOI: 10.4239/wjd.v13.i6.422]