The CEN, European Standards Comittee, very first meeting has just been held in Catania: “We are planning new initiatives to prevent uncontrolled addition in e-cig liquids by 2020. Moreover, we will keep tight control over the presence of contaminants”.

The round table work has been coordinated by Professor Riccardo Polosa, director of CoEHAR, the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of HArm Reduction at the University of Catania and coordinator of standardization technical committee on e-cig and liquids:

“We are working on verifying the analytical methods over the evaluation of contaminants presence in aerosol and monitoring safety standards to prevent children to be accidentally exposed to these products”.

Central theme during the debate was the current USA situation:

“Despite a ten years history and millions of vapers, in Europe there is no ecig related lung diseases case. On the other hand, in USA many of the lung disease cases involve young people who vaped cannabis-based products containing dangerous thickener” explained the professor.


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