Harm Reduction strategies were the subject of a speech by prof. Polosa during the National Congress of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine. Focus of this year edition, the management of the complex patient and the possibility of undertaking new strategies to ascertain even modifiable risk factors, such as smoking.

Professor. Riccardo Polosa, founder of the CoEHAR, has leaded the panel “The concept of Harm Reduction and strategies to reduce tobacco smoke” during the 2022 SIMI national congress, which took place in Rome from 21 to 23 October at Rome Cavalieri Hotel.

The approach of a specialist is the first important moment for a smoker to create a therapeutic path oriented towards conscious health choices.

Building an informed network of specialists on a national and territorial level is a priority for all those involved in smoking harm reduction, in the wake of what already had been done by England.

Too many doctors are still unaware of the possibilities offered by switching to smokeless devices for patients who cannot quit smoking on their own. An alternative harm reduction solution that could help patients get out of difficult smoking paths. International and significant data show that there are still too many doctors who smoke conventional cigarettes. We need to work more on prevention and information”- says prof. Polosa.

After two virtual editions, the SIMI National Congress returns to take place in attendance at Rome Cavalieri Hotel. This year’s program will include lectures, symposia, mini-symposia, the SIMI Ultrasound School Gymnasium, oral panel and poster discussions.


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