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CoEHAR, heart that beats in the world

Mar 13, 2020

These last days we have been receiving hundreds of messages of solidarity from our partners around the world. Hundreds of our doctors and researchers are on the front lines fighting this battle against a fierce enemy.

Our researchers are well and continue to work from home or from their laboratories (following safety rules). CoEHAR continues to work tirelessly because, when we will rise again, it will be even more important to support the message that following a healthy and correct lifestyle not only saves our lives, but also those of the people around us.

We thank all the collaborators from 25 different countries who look on us with apprehension and admiration.

Etna, the lady, taught the Sicilian people that dark moments can occur but by being together, united, with strength and determination they can be overcome. We are strong people. History proves it.

Catania, Italy and the whole world will rise stronger than before.

Andrà tutto bene,

Riccardo Polosa