The eight edition of the Global Forum of Nicotine, the international conference that focus on nicotine low risk products, will be held in Liverpool on June 17-18, 2021
Global Forum of Nicotine 2021

The eight editions of the Global Forum of Nicotine, the international conference that focuses on nicotine low-risk products, will be held in Liverpool on June 17-18, 2021.

GFN represents the most important event for scientists and researchers who deal with tobacco harm reduction policies. The conference represents an opportunity to compare and present the results of their researches, fostering a healthy debate on the development of safer alternative policies to cigarette smoking.

This year, the event will be both live and on streaming: participants can join the conference live at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool, but they will be able to follow the event from home, interacting with the speakers during the Q&A sessions.

To foster the interactivity of the event, this year the usual posters displayed during the conference have been replaced by presentations and videos of five minutes each, the so-called GFN fives.

The CoEHAR researchers will be present too, undergoing quick interviews to present the results of their research.

Professor Riccardo Polosa, Founder of CoEHAR, presented the data of the study on patients suffering from COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: the innovative research highlighted the effects of electronic cigarettes on patients who did not want or did not quit smoking. The results demonstrated a substantial improvement in disease exacerbations and overall quality of life.

The Director of CoEHAR Giovani Li Volti, the project leader of Replica, and Massimo Caruso, co-project leader of the same project, gave their view on the preliminary important achievements of the research project, already awarded at the international conference of the SRNT.

Professor Pasquale Caponnetto was also interviewed with a presentation on the GENESIS clinical trial, an innovative study that will evaluate the effect of low-risk products on schizophrenic patients.

At the following link, the program of the event.


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